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Teka Lamp published by Designboom

elegant teca lamp combines raw woodturning with glass enclosure all images courtesy of slow wood

slow wood is an italian startup that works in the field of design related to woordworking and sustainability. this goal has led the company to collaborate with shiina+nardi design, and lorenzo franceschinis for ‘teca’, a lamp that blends the art of hand turned wood with the precision of glass blowing

video courtesy of slow wood

each raw wood has its own story, its own reaction to the lathe and to the time, and only a thorough study of this story made the project possible. the craftsman, franceschinis, feels the need to live connected with forests, allowing him to deepen his knowledge day after day. carpenter for passion, he doesn’t buy lumber on the market, but uses trees of the land nearby after their natural fall. in regards to ‘teca’, cherry wood was chosen for its realization. the process of woodturning, which requires ‘a few hours and over 4 years of experience,’ is very delicate and needs great accuracy not only during processing, but also in the next moments: once you get the desired shape, each piece reacts differently during the drying phase, deforming and cracking in the worst cases.


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