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Hands on Design 2016 - April


The mission of Hands on Design is to connect the world of artisan manufacturing to the world of design, with production based on the high technical and esthetic qualities; it aims to roll-out “articles that preserve the memory of the hand that inventively designed them and the hands that labored to produce them”.

From 2014 they create synergies for the production of unique timeless articles “using pure materials that create immediate empathy thanks to their natural eco-sustainable properties”.  They brought the know-how and techniques of traditions back to life, such as those for the construction of wooden chests, turned vases and containers or the Murano glass millefiori pieces. 

Hands on Design 2015 - July


As a part of the celebrations of Japan Day that took place at EXPO 2015, Hands on Design's July event was held at the Slow Wood showroom. The event saw the presentation of the whole new collection, as well as the workshop of craftsmaster Shuji Nakagawa and Artisans of Food.

From July 9 to 15 several events and demonstrations gave our visitors the opportunity to explore ancient Asian traditions, from the woodworking techniques of Hinoki, a precious Japanese cypress tree, to the Japanese culinary approach based on fermented food.


Hands on Design 2015


Fuorisalone 2015

(Kaori Shiina and Riccardo Nardi - curators and owners)


Also this year design meets the world of skilled craftsmen and it returns to craftsmanship, back to its origins. 

Hands on Design from this year is a brand from Milan, born from the collaboration between famous designers and artisan workshops of high traditional expertise. The products are characterized by timeless aesthetic and both technical and functional quality. They are created by the hands of artisans that are aware of the importance in handing on a culture.

During FuoriSalone 2015 it holds and exhibition in Via dell'Orso 14, at Orsorama Gallery with 16 designers and 11 artisans masters.


Studi Aperti - Arts Festival
Food Connection

(4-5-6 Luglio 2014)


Studi Aperti is a contemporary multidisciplinary festival that takes place in July in the old town centre of Ameno, a small village on the western hills of Lake Orta, now a centre for contemporary art.

The first stone was laid in 2005, when the artists who decided to live and work in Ameno decided to open their studios to the public...


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Shuji Nakagawa 


Slow Wood Showroom

(Kaori Shiina and Riccardo Nardi - curator)


on June 9 2014 there has been a precious moment of exchange between design, cultures, and people from different sides of the world – the confrontation between techniques, traditions, and skills. Slow Wood presented Shuji Nakagawa, a famous Japanese master craftsman who uses wood to create stylish everyday objects.


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Hands on Design 


Fuorisalone 2014

(Kaori Shiina and Riccardo Nardi - curator)


Design meets the world of skilled craftsmen and it returns to craftsmanship, back to its origins. It “thinks with its hands”, transforming natural materials into something else. 

Designers and craftsmen have found a stimulating common ground for exchange, opening up to each other with mutual curiosity. They share the principles of responsible sustainability and a passionate “knowledge of their craft”.

In a relationship between equals that has led to a fruitful collaboration, the HANDS on DESIGN artisans and designers make limited series of unique pieces in natural materials, objects characterised by their high technical and aesthetic qualities. Durable, contemporary and timeless.


J+I 6 Japanese female designers collaborate with Italian artisans


Fuorisalone 2013

(Kaori Shiina - curator)

We, 6 Japanese designers, have been learning materials and characteristics of their techniques through conversation with skilled crafts people, in order to find our unique view points for this project.  We wish our Japanese approaches could result a group of objects, which are extending the market of the traditional crafts.  We are willing to grow this project to a collection of products, which evokes quality of craftsmanship and celebrate user’s daily life.



Fuorisalone 2013

(Riccardo Nardi - curator)


"Portraits" will be a great Exhibition, intended to all professional Designers

and placed in a large area of Via Paolo Sarpi in Milan, where everybody,

individually or collectively, will freely have the chance to present

themselves, their business, products, history, past, present and even


The Exhibition will surely be a good opportunity to promote the business,

the Exchange and the dialogue with visitors and companies, but also with

the most established and emerging markets in the Asian countries.

Oriental Design Week


Fuorisalone 2013

(Shiina+Nardi Design-organizing Member )


The event Fuorisalone Sarpi Bridge – Oriental

Design Week, edition (0) in Milan Design Week 2013 of a new ‘fuori salone’ format, unique in Italy, which will propose projects /products of oriental design, creating synergies with the East in fields of creativity, design and production. Dedicated events, special projects (such asPortraits,Insectida, J+I - 6 Japanese Designers and famous Italian Artisans,

Cantiere Fuorisalone, Oriental Kitchen Sounds, Design for Social issues selection, offiCINA-Fusion Design Lab, In the middle of the

Bridge – Iran between East and West) and workshops will create a bond between East and West, with a calendar that runs throughout the whole period of the Design Week.


Made in Japan
installation - ASUTOMORROW

Milano - Triennale Milano

02.March 2012 - 01.April 2012


Charity Box
installation - TORII

Milano - fuorisalone

Spazio Corso Como 9

15.Aprile 2011 - 18.April 2011


Vetro da usare

Palazzo Ca'Zanardi

03 - 24 September 2010


Il segno dei designer


17 Dicember 2009 - 17 January 2010


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