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Our interview on OcioHogar

We're happy to see our intwrview con OcioHogar.

The Title of the article: When the East met the West (

perfectly fits our collaboration

OcioHogar (OH): What made you decide to become a furniture and product designer?

Shiina+Nardi (SN): We both had a different motivation but complementary: After visiting an exhibition of Isamu Noguchi at the Sogetsu Kaikan in Tokyo, Kaori was attracted by the opportunity to give quality to a space through objects that complete it. Riccardo was as a child attracted by Airplanes and Tools, with their functionality and aesthetics, had a natural predisposition toward this work, which he did as a part of himself.

OH: What needs a design to become a success?

SN: Many times it happens to have insights too ahead of its time, which are not implemented by industry and marketing. The success of a product depends on the synchrony with the common feeling of the moment combined with a pinch of pioneering. Then, being Industrial Design and not Art, the rest depends on the production system, the smartness and the media who then sells it.

OH: Among all your designs, which is your favorite product?

SN: Between old and new products: the chair Tutumu by Bonaldo, the bench Reverse by Fonderie Viterbesi, the pitcher Kotori and lamp Kurage for Hands on Design, and of course the lamp Teca for Slow Wood.

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