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Festa dell'Architetto - Architecture is Happiness

During the Festa dell’Architetto, in Martina Franca, in the evening of Saturday 28/6 there will be a talk on the theme "Architecture is Happiness." Will take part to the talk, as well as us, the arch. Ugo Galli from Lecce who is about to publish a book with unpublished of Cesare Brandi; Dr. Annalisa Adobati, from Locorotondo representing a team (Finanziami il tuo Futuro) that engages in the local crowd founding in support of small business ideas; Dr. Anna Maria Lamarca from Taranto, Chairman of the female entrepreneurs within the Chamber of Commerce of Taranto; arch. Maximum Prontera president of the Architects of Taranto and arch. Gianfranco Aquaro. The conversation will be moderated by the Director of Extra Magazine, Rosa Colucci. We will be happy to bring our experience of Designers and Design Directors,not only talking about topic as Crafts and Design, but also for what it concerns how Design can be combined with traditional craft techniques. Focus of the topic is how, from own origins, is possible to incite modernization of features, techniques and communication with the aim to help Artisan or Artisan Company to place its artifacts in a new market, being available to consider new horizons and new exhibition possibilities.

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